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Something to Do: Movies

The winner this week has to be Kung-Fu Yoga, Jackie Chan in a comedic adventure that is a joint venture between Bollywood and Chinese film production companies. And yes, that does mean he gets to sing and dance in this one, as shown in the trailer I just recently posted. It should be playing in […]

Take-away Zombie Apocalypse

If you live in the UK you can now order a Zombie Apocalypse for you and your friends, according to Starburst Magazine. You call a group called BuyAGift and sign up to have the experience at one of their locations, which include an abandoned shopping mall and a classic manor house. Actors portraying brain eating […]

Something to Do: Movies

Nothing really looks exciting for this weekend, although Make-Out with Violence could be an interesting change of pace. This is an undead coming-of-age story of the comedy romance horror genre that was made in 2008 and has been touring the film festival circuit ever since. It has picked up a few awards, so if you […]