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I believe this is the ninth time since its initial launch in 1993 that my website has moved to a new server suite, although it only changed hosting service providers three times in that same 28 year period. Each time I have created a new About page, detailing the evolving and ever changing topics I am covering here. That seems a bit silly, since you probably got here when some AI driven search engine handed you a link based on your search terms and known browsing history. What this site is about is just the stuff I find interesting, and want to share with friends and the occasional random stranger who stumbles across it. That’s mostly media (audio, text, video, VR and the like), in the flavors of music, science, and science fiction. Also the tools to help you create your own variations of those things, which is the bit I find most entertaining.

The primary reason I still have this site after all these years is the internet is still like trying to sip from a fire hose. I can bookmark anything that catches my eye, but somehow I can find very few of the things I am looking for later on. Since I am too lazy to create and maintain my own wiki or search engine to hold all this stuff, it is easier to post it to this web site and let Google and its electronic brethren locate it for me, or use the internal WordPress search function.