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If you appreciated the Doctor Who episode Vincent and the Doctor, you are going to love this. I should mention that the interactive part does NOT mean you can do this yourself with it, since it is just a streaming video. But I must add my voice to a bunch of folks, including Gizmodo, in urging the creator of this video to take the final step. The video is a capture of the authors results when he used an openframeworks environment to create an interface where he could edit in real time, for all of us to see. Now it needs to be converted to an App, suitable for running on I-Phones, Android, or Web-OS. I can’t wait to use it to create my own Sci-Fi favorite graphics files. *grin*

Starry Night (interactive animation) from Petros Vrellis on Vimeo.

Ishida Hiroyasu is a brilliant young animator from Japan, and in March of 2010 I posted his Fumiko’s Confession; that video source is gone now, so I am re-posting it as the second video entry today. This year he turned in his graduation piece, called Rain Town, and posted it to YouTube just a week or so before the major earthquake/tsunami created such widespread destruction and loss of life across Japan. I have no idea if he survived that event, and because of it my attention was distracted from noticing this beautiful piece until now. I really hope he and his family are all right, and we will get to see more from this wonderful creator; with virtually no words he tells intense stories of the human heart.

Rapparu is an 18 year old animator from Tokyo who appears to have more raw talent than most teens and some adults. The first piece is called Tenkou Kotofumi according to Crunchyroll (I can’t read the kanji and confirm that). The only part of the animation he didn’t build himself was the music, he got that as a free download song from Trial and Error. He has also created a ton of amazing black and white line art animated GIFs, and he compiled some of them into the second video on this page. I haven’t found anything of his that tells an entire story yet (or at least not one with dialog), but I am looking forward to seeing what else he comes up with.