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The folks at Dark Roasted Blend have posted a very nice article all about Robot Art. There have been some amazing things done in the field, with robot artists from the Bay area to France and everywhere else building future art. If you build future art, specifically digital art in 2D or 3D, still or motion, you still have time to enter you work in the Expose 7 competition. The entry deadline this year is February 23rd for the Ballistic Publishing contest. The CG Society just posted its coverage of the 36th Annual Annie Awards, where Kung Fu Panda swept the field with 10 awards, and their spinoff Secrets of the Furious Five got another 4. They didn’t take all the awards; Avatar: The Last Airbender, Futurama, Robot Chicken, and Wallace & Gromit each took a few home. I was rather ticked Wall-E didn’t get any, as I felt it should have split the main group with the Panda. If you want all the details on the winners, be sure to stop by the Annie Awards Home Page, or you can watch the podcast of the ceremonies. And if you like animation, did you know the NY Comicon is going on this weekend?