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I don’t really care what they are advertising, although I suspect it is a vehicle of some kind. But this is, hands down, the most amusing commercial I have seen so far this decade. Nemoy and Quinto have a lot of fun with this, and probably got paid fairly well for it in the bargain. You have to admire folks who worked their ass off to get in a position that they get paid for having fun. And yes, anyone with eyes can tell what the car company is who paid for the add; it just felt better to word it that way. I am already playing their add here, if they want me to mention the product name they can pay me for an endorsement. Thanks to The Nerdist for the heads up on this one.

This Star Wars commercial has Darth Vader in a ladies rest room, the second on an elevator, but what exactly is it advertising? After a little research, it appears that Olleh LTE Warp is either a mobile smart phone, or a data plan service you can buy for that phone, should you happen to live in Korea. Either way, I found the commercials themselves amusing.