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You have until Sunday or September 4th (or possibly both, if you own a working Tardis) to enter the SF Signal Shatner/Nemoy giveaway. They are handing out 2 digital copies of Mind Meld – Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime, the 2001 presentation in which Shatner and Nimoy talk about the series, and how it changed everything for them. The title obviously refers to the famous Vulcan mind meld, a phrase that is used for everything from interviews with Nimoy to selling programming language extensions. It has been used to good effect in SF Signals own Mind Meld series, where they put a question to some of the best speculative fiction writers, editors, and thinkers on the planet and compile the responses into a coherent article. Now that I have digressed sufficiently, go enter the contest before time (however much of it is left) runs out.