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What would Doctor Who have been like if it was done in America? Sam Vestey took a stab at answering that question, using Final Cut Pro X and Adobe After Effects CS5 to build his own little 50th anniversary tribute. I think he did an excellent job on the audio/video production, and made some great choices about which video clips to present for each actor. He was inspired by SmugMode’s photo mashup of The First 8 Doctors and The Modern Doctors.

I have posted tunes from Chameleon Circuit here before, and now I am doing it again. They got to record this one actually on the TARDIS set, as part pf the 50th anniversary celebration. I say they, it is mostly Alex Day and friends. It looked like so much fun I had to not only add it here, but also include a making-of video, and a string of other tracks from them. Yes, it is all about Doctor Who. Yes, it is all a bit strange. And, yes, it is all fun fan music!

MechaCon is the largest Anime Con in New Orleans, and runs this year from August 23rd to the 25th. There will be a ton of things going on there, including Cosplay and AMV competitions, with a wide range of guests to see and events to attend. What makes this memorable for me is the Red Carpet Affair, their opening night formal dance and party. The theme this year is When you wish upon a Deathstar, and they are encouraging costumes that are a blend of Disney and Star Wars, in honor of the franchise changing hands. I particularly like the Deathstar as Micky Mouse image, it is quite a hoot.


There is a great set of three articles over at Anime News Network about copyright’s as they apply to fandom, written by a lawyer who specializes in Intellectual Property law. While they specifically address Anime fans, the concepts discussed are equally valid for any genre fans. They are well written and easy for the non-lawyer to understand, and I highly recommend checking them out. The first article is What Is A Copyright And What Does It Do?, the second is Copyrights And Fandom, the third is Defending Yourself. There is a fourth article yet to come, discussing what is in the courts and pending legislation, and how it may effect your ability to watch or buy shows or merchandise. As with all discussions about the law online, there is a legal disclaimer at the end of each article. Ironic, that.