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On Wednesday Beauty and the Beast, the new French remake of 1946’s La belle et la bĂȘte will be hitting a limited number of US screens. This is a beautifully filmed fantasy classic, I am hoping one of those screens might be somewhere near me. On Friday we have several other options, beginning with The 5th Wave, based on the book of the same name, all about the invasion of the Earth. Ip Man 3 continues the Honk Kong series about the Martial Arts Master who trained Bruce Lee.

If Anomalisa waits for Friday it will not be eligible for the upcoming Academy Awards round, so it is launching on Wednesday, the 28th. As far as I know it is not genre, but it is animated and it has gotten some excellent critical reviews. I have every intention to see this one on the big screen so I will know whether or not to cheer it on for the award.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a show I have been waiting for, and in a few more weeks it becomes real. Launching on Thursday, January 21st, it takes everything they have been building to in Arrow and Flash and consolidates them into a single program with a multiplex story arch. If it is even half as good as I have been hoping, it should be a world class ensemble superhero show, just like Avengers or X-Men, but owned by the DC team instead of Marvel.