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I am going to be seriously disappointed if this one never gets made, if only for the excellent cartoon versions of each of the characters Stephen Byrne managed to create. That can’t be too much of a surprise, since he is one of the artists actually doing the Serenity comic book with Joss Whedon. I don’t seem to be alone in that opinion; as Grasshopper said in the YouTube comments: If this isn’t real so help me I will hunt you down and MAKE YOU MAKE IT!!! Another good clue might be that Nathan Fillion immediately started following him when this video was posted; we might actually get some new stories out of this!

The Firefly Reunion Special will be airing on November 11th at 10PM (except no one is willing to state in which time zone that is: EST? PST? GMT?) on the Science Channel, and I for one intend to be watching! But they recorded 3 hours of footage for this one hour special, so for the Firefly 10th Anniversary: Browncoats Unite special they are releasing another 30 second or so clip online for every 5,000 tweets they get using the hashtag #FireflyNov11. Which means we only need to send out 600,000 tweets to see all of it, as long as you also watch the special on the TV channel. I am ready!

Yep, Firefly is about to start running on TV again. This time around, it is being hosted on the Science Channel, and the physicist behind the Science of Science Fiction, Dr Michio Kaku, will be explaining the science used inside each episode. It kicks off on Sunday, March 6th, with the pilot and first episode, and continues each Sunday after that… in order and in HD! Of course we have seen these episodes before, but according to Nathan Fillion speaking with EW, he is ready to make more episodes the moment anyone makes the offer. Or if he wins the lottery and can make them himself, whichever comes first.