This week seems to be all about the music, so here is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with her new song Ninja Ri Bang Bang. It is just as kawaii as you would expect, although this time her dancers without faces (why does nobody but Kyary ever have a face in one of her videos?) are animated rather than live action. She performed this live on last week’s episode of Music Station, where it came in ranked number 4 for the week in Japan.

I should have posted her song Fashion Monster on Halloween, but I didn’t, so you get to see it now. Ever since Pon Pon Pon I have been fascinated by her relentlessly happy music and terminally kawaii clothing styles. As she continues to crank out tunes and designer outfits her popularity in Japan just keeps growing, especially among the Shinjuku crowd. One of Japan’s top rock TV shows, Music Station, reported this song being at number 8 on the singles charts during last Sunday’s program.

This may be one of the most surreal young musical artists to come out of Japan for a long time: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Her songs have one hell of a lot of energy and are very upbeat (at least musically; I don’t speak enough of the language to know if that holds up lyrically) and perhaps the most kaiwaii live action sequences every filmed. After the two songs, a brief interview to give you an idea of what else she is up to.