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Just a few days ago PolkadotStingray uploaded another track from their new album; the song is called Surrender and in just those few days it has received over 185,000 views. The second track, Mizuho Dance, was posted on October 25th, and has collected just under 1,140,000 views to date. I am not sure if that one is part of the new album, since it was put together in honor of the Mizuho Financial Group’s Jump Project, but it was too good a tune not to share it with everyone.

The movie I want to see this weekend is Hirune-hime: Shiranai watashi no monogatari, or Napping Princess for the English title (the Japanese title literally means My baby girl: My story I do not know). It is a sci-fi story about a girl who dreams the future, taking place during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Sadly, there will be very few theaters carrying it in this country; most theaters are carrying It, a decent number will have The Limehouse Golem, and a very few will have Anti Matter. But I am just not a horror fan, so if I have to drive for a while to find a theater where it is playing, so be it.

The latest Daoko song, just posted today, is called Big Fireworks, and is the theme song for the new animated motion picture Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?. The film opens in Japan on the 18th of this month, and is a remake of a 1993 live action drama of the same name. This one is a slice of life Anime with a side order of time travel, I can’t wait to see it! The animation work itself looks excellent, I hope they don’t wait a whole year before bringing it to the big screen in North America. Oh, yeah, the last trak is Daoko’s Good bye Goodbye from the J-WAVE SONAR MUSIC SPECIAL SHOW CASE about 3 months ago.

Maison Book Girl is an art rock band who released their second single on July 19th, but a Japanese single is like a US EP, having 3 to 5 tracks on it. The first song here is the first track on that new single, Rooms. The second song is the second track from their first single, Sin Morning, and that one has English subtitles for those wondering what they are singing about. Their first single actually has 11 tracks on it, so I am throwing in the 5th one as well, Faithlessness. Their live concerts are right up there with METAFIVE for being visually complex as well as musically so, but sadly their record companies attempts at live show production quality do not end up with a product you can actually enjoy watching.