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Scott Bradlee’s PostModern Jukebox have been around for years playing todays music in yesterdays styles, and they have created a lot of quality music in that time. It has been a while since the last time I have included them here, so I thought we were due for another few tracks. The first song is Blondie’s Call Me featuring the vocals of Tess Mohr in Marilyn Monroe mode. The second is Aerosmith’s Dream On sung by Morgan James in Blues style, while the third is Wham’s Careless Whispers sung by Robyn Adele as a 30’s Jazz piece with a side riff by Dave Brubeck. Some excellent vocalists working with some great musicians, you can catch a lot more by stopping by their You Tube Channel.



This stuff is golden! After a 2 year wait, we are finally at the ragged edge of having a Live Action version of Cowboy Bebop! And we didn’t have to do anything to get more, because Netflix already verified the second season was funded and green lit!

But for those who have forgotten what this means, a song or two to bring it front and center again! The songs in this set were done as part of Seatbelt’s 2020 Virtual Sessions, not one of the previous year’s postings. But they were all composed by Yoko Kanno, they were all part of the original movie and TV show, they were all performed by Seatbelt! And even scarier, watching how they did their musical collaborations while in Lock-down, you get a much better understanding of just how world class this collection of singers and musicians is! And for those who didn’t already know her, the one in the space suit helmet is Yoko Kanno herself!

To start us off, the Lock Down version of Space Lion:

Then two different versions of the Real Folk Blues, one with the original Seatbelts mix, and one where Yoko Kanno gets to run rampant all over the musical arrangement. Both versions are totally amazing!

Yoko Kanno is one of the most amazing composers and band leaders ever, and it is always a treat to discover someone new singing her praises by playing her music (and yes, I do mean that literally). Back in 2009 a band called Platina Jazz got together to create covers of the best Jazz music in Anime, so I figure at least half of their music has to be created by her. Let me show off a few of their tunes so you can get an idea of who they are.

Starting off with the single most recognizable tune from Anime Jazz, Yoko Kanno’s TANK:

Then there is Inner Universe from Ghost In The Shell : Stand Alone Complex, another track composed and originally preformed by Yoko Kanno!

And another killer classic from Cowboy Bebop, Knock A Little Harder:

I really enjoy Yukihiro Takahashi’s new project MetaFive, they are amazing. The band member who is their primary singer is Leo Imai, and he used to be with a band called the Kimonos. The first track is MetaFive’s Maisie’s Avenue, the second is the Kimonos Soundtrack To Murder, and the 3rd is Kimonos Almost Human.

METAFIVE has a new release about to hit the shelves, METALIVE, a two disc set. The first disc is a Blu Ray with 18 live videos, and 3 songs recorded as studio live sessions including Don’t Move. The second disc is a CD with 14 of those same tracks in audio only format. Like their first album, these are only available as imports at the moment, but CDs play the same all over the world, and although Japan is in Region 2 for DVDs, it is at least using the NTSC format for its videos. The first tune presented here is Gravetrippen’ from the purely live videos, the second is Don’t Stop from the studio live sessions, the third is Maisie’s Avenue also from the studio live sessions.