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A bored Shinigami decides it might be interesting to see what a human would do with his powers, so he drops his instrument of mortality at the feet of Light Yagami to see what happens. Light doesn’t believe the book has the power to kill at first, but as his situation becomes more desperate he finds himself trying it out, in the hopes he might survive after all. That is the setup and premise of Death Note, and the new live action version of the story is streaming on Crunchyroll. It is part of the current summer season of shows from Japan, and is now up to episode three. If you would prefer to watch the original Death Note Anime before starting the live action presentation, it is streaming at Hulu.

On July 5th the Death Note live-action TV series will premiere on Nippon TV, which doesn’t have great reception at my house in North America. All is not lost for American fans, however, because Crunchyroll will be airing the show just a few days behind its Japanese release date each week. Thanks to Otaku USA for the heads up on this one, although I will feel more confident about the information when Crunchyroll actually adds it to their menu system.

They have been talking about the live action Attack On Titan Movie and/or Miniseries for a while now, but up until recently we only had the shortest of teases, and that one car commercial. We finally had the first movie trailer come out last month, and I forgot to post it, so here it is. The movies break the story into two parts, the first hitting the big screen on August 1st, and the second one a month latter on September 19th. The miniseries is three episode long, features the same actors as the movies in the same roles, and is airing this August on Japanese streaming service DTV between the two film release dates. It will focus on the service and support staff, the development of the 3D maneuver gear, Titan research, and other story elements that don’t involve breaking the budget with constant FX heavy Titan attacks. The one issue I still have to solve is figuring out how to apply for the English language version of the DTV programming, which I have yet to locate. Thanks to the folks at Rocket News 24 for the heads up on this one.

The more I see of the new live action version of the classic Disney animation Cinderella, the more I like it. The story was a classic folk tale first published in 1634, with the first movie version by film pioneer Georges Méliès coming out in 1899, but somehow I still think Disney when I hear the name. This is the second official US trailer for the new film, which will be in theaters March 13th. Be sure to take your seat early enough so you don’t miss the new animated short Frozen Fever, which takes place just a few months after the original movie Frozen ended.

The live action version of Black Butler was released in January in Japan, June 14th in Canada, and comes out next week in the UK. Unfortunately it is not scheduled for movie theaters in the US that I could find, but it has been released on all-region DVD here. Originally set in the England of Queen Victoria, the new movie is set in 2020 to give the mingling of the cultures a more realistic environment. When a girl’s parents are killed, she sells her soul to a demon, in return for which he becomes her butler and serves her in all things… including tracking down her parent’s killers. The Manga was excellent, the Anime was quite good as well, I am looking forward to seeing how well they did with the live action version.