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I have lost all entries with tonight’s computer crash, but here are a few of them I managed to recover. Starting with the Watchmen News, that Fox gave up trying to kill the Watchmen movie in return for a cut of the take. We already knew about the Live-Action version of Cowboy Bebop, but did you know what other live action versions of these stories are coming to town? Disney brought over a pablomized version of Mulan, but the Chinese Government has to step in on something that culturally important to them. They called themselves the China Film Group, and built it with Xinhua this time around. Then there is the Ninja Scroll live action remake, another major milestone. And just in case you haven’t gotten today’s dose of Silly yet, get ready for the live-action version of Marvin The Martian. Does anybody besides me find it scary that Fox and the Chinese Government have so many interests in common, the end result being they are only in it for the money and don’t care about the rest of us (like their citizens/customers)?

Just before Christmas I mentioned here that Keanu Reeves wanted to be part of a live-action retelling of Cowboy Bebop. Sunrise made it official today with the announcement that it will be made, and it will star Reeves. Yeah! If you prefer, you can read about it in English. A week from tomorrow has some interesting movies hitting the big screen. The one I have been waiting for is Inkheart, based on the excellent book by the same name. Coming out on the same day is Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, the prequil for this Vampire/Werewolf cycle. If you are looking for something different, also out on the 23rd is Outlander, the story of a spaceship that crashes amongst the Iron-age Vikings. And for something completely different, there is Chandni Chowk to China, the story of a chef mistaken for a legendary martial artist, and filled with all the singing and dancing that Bollywood could cram in.

Wolverine is coming, even if they haven’t built the full site yet. Or even the home page; this was the only link I pulled out of the page source that gave me anything on the screen tonight. Maybe by next month. A fully realized movie home page is Cyborg She, also known as Cyborg Girl or Boku no kanojo wa saibôgu. It would be just another robot girlfriend/time travel/disaster/superhero/romantic comedy, if it wasn’t for the world-class acting, good special effects and cinematography, and fun story line. You made need to explain a few details to viewers who have trouble following simultaneous personal and linear timelines, but it is an enjoyable film even for the temporally challenged.

Strange Horizons presents 2008 in review, where the reviewers review their reviews. And that is the most recursive sentence I have ever written, but strangely true. Be aware, this is Armageddan Week on the History Channel; vote for your favorite way for the world to end, and follow it with Life After People. I support the AFI, and hope a lot of you do as well. This is a small slice from one of their members-only events; Mike Meyers introducing Sean Connery at his lifetime achievement award ceremony. Note the reaction to the Zardoz part of the intro.