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Heroes has been signed up for a 4th season, according to Superhero Hype while they were channeling the Hollywood Reporter. Daft Punk has signed on to do the score for Tron 2.0, which seems like a perfect match to me. Just as much fun was using the Guardian article to find out there is a blog called Upcoming Film Scores to keep track of such things for us. The big film news for today, of course, is that Watchmen starts at midnight, so one more time the obligatory link to Wil’s Review. Finally, for those of us in the US, BBC America starts running Ashes to Ashes, the sequel to the original Brit version of Life on Mars, this Saturday at 9PM Eastern.

I mentioned the New York Comicon yesterday, going on this weekend. Also this weekend is the Broward Anime Festival in Florida, complete with the DOA volleyball competition, and the G-Anime Con in Canada for the French-speaking fans on this continent. If you are anywhere near Austin, you are hopefully at Ikkicon, and enjoyed today’s Anime Music Video (AMV) Contest. Other events at the Con include live music from Last Stop Tokyo, Peelander Z, Kristine Sa and The Slants (we are talking Austin here, of course there is great music), the Anime Poetry Slam, the Dance Contest (fan teams choreographed to their favorite Anime theme songs), the Anime Dating Game (18+), and the Iron Artist competition, as well as a large number of panel discussions with the creators of the various Animes listed. Then there are the instructionals, where you learn how to build your own: Animation 101 (owning 2D or 3D animation software helps, but is not required), the DVD Production Panel, Breaking Into the Music Industry presented by The Slants (again, this is Austin), the Voice Acting Workshop, Cosplay Presentation, Cosplay Props and Materials, and many more. The scary part? All those events happen on the first day! Wish I could be there for the rest of the Con!


AMV, or Anime Music Video, is one of the file types I enjoy from my time online. One of my favorite variations on it is from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi – God Knows is the song, and here it is…

The folks doing the Japan Night Tour in the US just announced the addition of a few more bands. The new bands are Dirty Old Men and Special Thanks, added to a list that already included Detroit 7, FLiP, Omodaka, Samurai Attack, and many more. The tour kicks off in Austin, TX, at the South by Southwest Festival, then hits other cities, including New York, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, and LA. Here is a taste…