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Tessa Violet has been cranking out a wide range of new music during the pandemic, but I seem to have lost the majority of my postings about her since it began. I can’t make up for the 20 or so postings I have lost with a single entry, so expect to see her listed here again very soon! First off, 2 versions of her song Games (2nd studio version, then first and only punk variation), out of the 3 studio and at least 4 live variations I have seen so far. I had to add Bored after that, since she sang that on pretty much all of her twice a week (and often more frequent) Pandemic webcasts since she wrote it a little more than a year ago. And lets face it, there is no song that expresses the mood of every one trapped at home during the previous 16 or so months than that one. And then for perspective one of my favorite songs from before the Pandemic, I Like The Idea Of You. It has been a hell of a couple of years, but I am very grateful for artists like Tessa, who just kept working their asses off even when in isolation, to help keep the rest of us from going batshit bonkers!