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In movies, Dredd is the 2012 version, which went back to the original source material rather than remaking the earlier movie. They played it a bit less campy and closer to the graphic novel’s intentions. The animated Frankenweenie is another of the strange partnership between Disney and Tim Burton that has brought us so many interesting movies. 2012’s Timekeeper centers around a 14 year old accidental time traveler.

Red Dwarf: X is pretty much the US premier of the series, or at least I haven’t found the channel that is carrying the series in North America. I am glad that Dave TV picked up the series and continues to generate new episodes, but I wish that someone would carry it here. Methematica from PBS is a 20 part series that explains some of the basic principles of mathematics in an accessible and easily understandable way. Mathematica is also the name of a very powerful programing environment that runs on Unix and Linux systems and uses Parallel Batch Scripting to run on a number of CPUs at the same time to speed up processing, so don’t be surprised if you get some interesting search results on that one.

In Anime, Bodacious Space Pirates is the first collection in this series, starting us off with a full 13 episodes. A high school girl has just discovered that her dad was captain of a pirate ship, and she has inherited the position. If you want to check it out, you can watch episodes on Crunchyroll to get an idea of the show.

You have to love a title like Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl, and this one involves an adolescent boy who lives with his aunt, only to discover she has a secret daughter from outer space. His life is anything but normal after that, as they try to figure out where she was for the year and a half she went missing.

PBS as a whole has a great Best of Briton segment going this summer, first to cover the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and then expanding to all things entertaining from the empire. Brand new this week however is WETA-UK, a round the clock celebration of the best of British TV. And because it is just starting, you can catch the first episode of a lot of series right now. Episode 1 of Fawlty Towers takes place at 12:30PM EST tomorrow, Sunday June 10th, for example (if you are outside of the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, check your local cable lineups for exact times; if your service does not carry it, ask for it). An hour later will be the first episode of My Hero, a comedy about an Alien adapting to life on Earth while chasing the human woman of his dreams. Immediately following that is episode one of season 1 of the new Doctor Who series, where Rose Tyler gets told by The Doctor Run For Your Life. When that one ends, we get two episodes back to back of Red Dwarf, episodes 1 and 2 from season 1. I know where my TV is going to be set on Sunday afternoons from now on! Then at 8:30PM EST tomorrow, later the same day, we get the next Fawlty Towers episode, followed by Primeval season 1 episode 2, the next Doctor Who episode, and then 4 episodes of Red Dwarf including episodes 3 and 4 from season 1. I somehow missed seeing when episode 1 of Primeval was, but I suspect they may have a glitch or two in their electronic program guide. Guess I will just set my TV on the channel in the morning and let it ride all day, to make sure I don’t miss anything.