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This week finally brings us The Age of Adaline, the story of the woman who had a strange accident and thereafter did not age. Somewhere around the time she turned 110 she fell in love again, and that changed everything. I have been waiting for this movie to get into the theaters for quite a while, and am quite pleased it is finally time. Their movie home page design is really well done, but needs a bit of work to create a proper navigation interface that you can actually find. The one it has is hidden, unless you have a 12 year old guide whose only computer has been their smart phone for all their life. Their Tumblr page is the best use of that resource to promote a movie I have seen, breaking the image set into the decades that span the timeline of the film, and telling its own story.

The TV series My Love From Another Star was released on Blue Ray yesterday, January 7th, at least in Asia. It was previously released in Standard Definition, which hasn’t been the standard for a while now (tech advances way faster than marketing scams). In honor of that, NBCUniversal Entertainment has posted an embeddable version of the first episode on their YouTube channel, which I almost posted here. But, since it is in Korean with Japanese subtitles, I decided that didn’t make a lot of sense for a blog hosted in North America. If you want to watch that version, it is at the second link. The first link will take you to the Hulu page where you can watch it with English subtitles. The story is he crashed his flying saucer on Earth in 1609, had to dodge being killed by Earthlings and therefore missed the rescue craft, and has been waiting for 400 years for his chance to catch a ride on a comet and go home. But now, with just 3 months to go, he has made the mistake of interacting with someone and getting to know them; his terminally annoying new neighbor, the airhead actress. I rather enjoyed this sci-fi rom-com, and thought this was a good excuse to mention it here.

It came out at the beginning of last week, so you have probably seen this already. About Time is a comedy about love and time travel, with a stellar cast and some great production team members. And did you notice who wrote it? It should be along come October, I fully intend to see this one on the big screen.