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I thought it was time I posted again about TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA, since they continue to release song after amazing song. All of these were uploaded to You Tube in 2021, in celebration of this year’s Together Again tour and their new album SKA=ALMIGHTY. The first track is Mede Tashi Song feat. Muro Tsuyoshi, posted on June 11th and currently sitting at just shy of 160K views. That’s followed by I want to meet you Feat. Hasegawa blank paper uploaded in March, and we finish up with a live version of Paradise Has No Border recorded at the Great Conjunction 2020 event. If the crowd looks a little less dense than you were expecting it’s because the show happened on December 3rd of 2020, so it is set with Social Distancing seating (not that anyone is actually sitting down), and the audience are all wearing masks.

The Sweet Life Society is an ElectroSwing band out of Italy who have done a number of fun songs, I figured I would share a few of them. The first is 2012’s My Sound, which is an effervesant tune that keeps bubbling up into your head when you least expect it, and it may even be an original tune. That would be unusual, since most ElectroSwing songs start off being a classic Swing tune which then gets sampled and remixed. The second song is 2014’s Prima di ogni prima, probably also original and definately infectuous. To finish it off we have their 2017 song Hard On; that album took a sharp turn away from ElectroSwing and went face first into Ska. Enjoy!

It has been a while since we posted our last OreSka Band, and they have some great new tunes worth sharing. All of these are from their 3rd Full Album Slogan, which was released November 23rd, 2016. The first track is Free Now posted last November, the second is !Fiebre! from last May and pretty much the best example of Japanese Samba Ska I have ever heard, the third is NEXSPOT and includes a slice of Jazz I wasn’t expecting from them. This band has been growing into their talent nicely, with each album better than the one before.

Wake Up! is an amazing collaboration between Asian Kung-Fu Generation and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, two of my favorite bands out of Japan. The track after that has Mongol.800 as the featured band/vocalist playing with them, and after that comes one featuring 10-Feet as their musical partner. Let’s face it, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra has been around forever, and they have created some world-class collaborations in that time. Enjoy!

One of the two best Ska bands in Japan, Ore Ska Band got together when they were in the same high school, and have been making good music ever since. The first song is the title track of 2014s Carry On mini-album, while the second is 2009s What a Wonderful World.

Just a few tracks from the world class Tokyo Ska Paradise to travel with you on your journey through this holiday weekend, starting with their 2009 release Pride Of Lions. The next song is a collaboration between Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and Asian Kung Fu Generation called Wake Up which came out this past June, and I admit that was not a combination I saw coming. Finally, 2013’s 10 Feet to keep you dancing through the weekend. If you are a fan of Ska, this is a band you should seek out and listen to more of; they have a huge library of music for you to explore.