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It is not a joke, and it fits in perfectly with the end of the last set of episodes. Twin Peaks is returning to TV after an absence of 25 years. Not for very long; only about 9 episodes, and a short and simple mini-series. But still, any new Twin Peaks will always be a bonus! Then again, there is always the band Twin Peaks doing their song Making Breakfast, which I figure has to be a tip of the hat to Kyle’s addiction to Coffee and all things breakfast.

Japanese commercials look strange to western eyes mostly because we do not have the cultural context to appreciate them. While some of these look very like what you might find on TV over here, some are just bizarre looking. Enjoy.

There are several actors who’s roles are off the wall enough that I will watch anything they are in. In The Power Of Few one of those actors, Christopher Walken, has had the shroud of Turin stolen so he can clone Jesus. And just because that wasn’t good enough, there are four other separate story lines going on all of which slam together in the climatic scene. I think this one will be fun.