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2 films worth checking out this time, beginning with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the long awaited DC entry into the Group Superhero movie field. Identicals, originally titled Brand New You, is a highly unconventional romantic thriller that will have you guessing throughout who is actually who. It takes place in a near-future world where a select few can get a life-upgrade, taking over the life of someone who has a better job, a better spouse, and a better place in the world. When one of those being replaced refuses to die as intended, he must fight to get his own back.

Russia is finally producing a superhero movie under the title Zaschitniki (The Guardians), and the trailer looks quite good. In a parallel timeline during the height of the Cold War, the superheroes are gathered together from the different countries under Russian rule, each heroes powers reflecting the strengths of their homelands. They must protect their countries from August Kuratov’s clone army and a device he built which controls other machines, turning them against their owners. I really enjoyed the Nightwatch/Daywatch films, and am looking forward to this one, which will be in theaters in 2016.

When the Suicide Squad movie comes out next year it should put quite a different spin on the whole Superhero film experience. After all, these are the bad guys. Sort of. We had a video taste of this team in Arrow, with a limited collection of the powered, and it looks like they expanded on the theme quite nicely for the big screen. While they are quite recent to video production, the print version made its first appearance in 1959, and transmuted into its current form and structure in 1987, finally becoming the modern version of itself on 2011. I will be in the theater for this one when it gets released in August of 2016.