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I love that some folks are actually making trailers for books now, and the one for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is particularly well done. The fact that there is a good chance they will turn it into a movie doesn’t hurt either, since this story is begging for the big screen. The author, Seth Grahame-Smith, has written a few other books you might have run across, like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Good fun!

Eyeborgs opens this week in London, even though it’s a US movie. So does The Clone Returns Home, and Stingray Sam (a space musical western with unique design features). But there are other movies opening soon, including Star Trek 11 and Moon. And besides the Sci_Fi London festival, another party in that town is Anime Extravaganza at the East End Film Festival. Without getting Close Up and personal, I can tell you one of the Anime’s I am looking forward to is Oh! Edo Rocket!, and let’s not forget Death Note Day on the 28th in New York, and all across the country when the showing of Death Note 3: Change the World hits all the Fathom Events digital theaters. And don’t forget the Robot Penguins working for the Army.


The Clone Returns Home

Stingray Sam