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October 2014
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ISS Crew 42 Honors Hitchhikers Guide

The 42nd crew of the ISS has an official poster that honors Douglas Adams Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. The folks at Space Dot Com have a great image they claim is the official Expedition 42 poster, I am linking to them because I couldn’t find a copy at NASA.

New Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer

Kingsman: The Secret Service is another great Marvel comic book transformed into a movie. Written by Mark Miller (Kick-Ass) and illustrated by Dave Gibbons (Watchmen artist), the graphic novel was a lot of fun. From the look of this trailer the movie should be just as entertaining. It will be hitting the big screen on 13Feb2015.

Something to Do: Movies

There doesn’t seem to be anything I have been waiting for this week. I suppose Left Behind could be interesting, in an end-of-the-world sort of way, and it does have Nicolas Cage, so there should be some good over the top moments. For the younger set The Hero of Color City has a diverse group of animated crayons fighting for the imagination of children everywhere. It does have quite an impressive collection of voice actors, but somehow I suspect I will be doing something else for the weekend.

Something to Watch: DVDs

In movies Transformers: Age of Extinction is for the serious action junky, as any one who has seen the previous films in this franchise can attest. For myself, my must-have entry in this category is Space Station 76; anything that gets proclaimed the best science fiction comedy since Galaxy Quest has to be a keeper.

Our only genre entry in TV is Beware the Batman: Dark Justice – Season 1 Part 2, another animated adventure.

In Anime Psychic Detective Yakumo: Complete Collection is abut a girl with a number of possessed friends and a guy who can communicate with the dead. They team up to try to bring some peace, or at least control, to their school. Zombie-Loan: Complete Collection is about a girl who can see death coming, in the form of black rings around peoples necks. When she sees the rings on two of her classmates she warns them of their danger, but it turns out they have the rings because they kill zombies to pay off a loan. When they learn of her abilities, they try to use her to increase their profit margin.

We also get the continuation of a few favorites in the form of Bleach: Season 22 with episodes 304-316, and two from the Luffy franchise, One Piece: Season 6 Part 1 with episodes 337-348, and One Piece: Film Z, a feature length program. I should also mention that Steins;Gate: Complete Series is coming out in an Anime Classics version, which means you can pick up this twisty time travel tale fairly cheap.

Panda Hero became Rose Windows

Panda Hero was going to be my first attempt to embed something from Nico Nico. Then I discovered on testing that you can only see the embedded video if you are currently logged into Nico Nico. So instead, another excellent live set from KEXP, this time featuring the band Rose Windows. KEXP is public radio out of the west coast, and they play some of the best music around. You can listen to them from anywhere through the internet, and if you like what you hear you should consider supporting them.

New Big Hero 6 trailer

If you hadn’t already guessed from previous posts, I will absolutely be in the theaters for opening day of the Marvel/Disney production of Big Hero 6.

Jupiter Ascending 3rd Trailer

It won’t be in theaters until February, but Jupiter Ascending has already released it’s third trailer, and the best of the bunch in my opinion. This epic space opera is another project by the Wachowskis, and looks to be somewhere between Star Wars and Dune as far as I can tell. When you see this in the theater, keep your eyes open for a short scene done by Terry Gilliam, which is a homage to his movie Brazil according to the entry in Wikipedia. After watching all the trailers, I am pretty sure I am going to have to see this movie in 3D.

Cirque du Soleil Robotic Quadcopters

I can’t wait to see this robotic show live on stage! Thanks to io9 for the heads up on this one.

The Tick Returns, as does Howard The Duck

Rumor has it that Patrick Warburton will be back in more live action episodes of The Tick, this time to be run on Amazon’s streaming video service. That is according to Topless Robot, who got it from People Magazine, and then it was confirmed by Comic Book Resources. Also back (courtesy of the interest he generated at the tail end of Guardians of the Galaxy) is Howard the Duck, in the form of the Howard the Duck Omnibus. Basically they compiled all 33 episodes of the Howard The Duck comic series, and every other story he was in from a range of Marvel properties. The blurbs Marvel shows after the credits have been running for a while being what they are, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw him was the Master of Quack Fu was going to be starring in a new Howard the Duck movie. I have found absolutely nothing indicating that is going to happen, but the thought does kind of make me smile.

Something to Do: Movies

I have been looking forward to The Boxtrolls for a while now, and it is finally time to see them on the big screen. Based on Alan Snow’s children’s novel Here Be Monsters, it is one of a series. I am hoping that the film does well enough at the box office that they decide to go ahead and make the rest of them. If you are looking for something a bit grittier, The Equalizer is also coming out this week. It stars Denzel Washington, and is based on the 1980′s TV show of the same name.