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November 2014
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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all, the official holiday of Cosplay combined with a generous helping of candy-fueled extortion in the Trick Or Treat tradition. The first one is the Dragon Con 2014 COSPLAY Showcase put together by MLZ Studios, a group that covers a lot of Cosplay at events. The second video is the Best & Hottest Cosplay of San Diego Comic-Con 2014, which as you might expect features fewer Anime characters and more Comic/Manga folks (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc.), plus the expected TV and movie tie-ins. That one was from Inside The Magic. The third video is from the UK, from the recent MCM Comic Con (London’s Comic Con amazing event), and that concludes the examples for this Halloween. Enjoy!

Twin Peaks returns

It is not a joke, and it fits in perfectly with the end of the last set of episodes. Twin Peaks is returning to TV after an absence of 25 years. Not for very long; only about 9 episodes, and a short and simple mini-series. But still, any new Twin Peaks will always be a bonus! Then again, there is always the band Twin Peaks doing their song Making Breakfast, which I figure has to be a tip of the hat to Kyle’s addiction to Coffee and all things breakfast.

Real Transformers

You could not fit in the drivers seat and roll out with this prototype model on the highway quite yet, but I love the fact that there is a crew of engineers working their butts off to build an actual working transformer system! Looking at their progress to date, I guesstimate something in the 10 to 20 years range to have working versions you could actually use to commute to work. Thanks to Tech Crunch for the heads up on this one!

Create Your Own Film Noir; Tutorial

This is another excellent tutorial from Small W Studio with a Halloween slant, because the topic this time is Film Noir. He covers a number of different aspects of the CGI 3D animation process, but the two I got the most out of were resources and techniques for building the set, and using lighting to set the mood. The later is particularly important for Noir, since it is all black and white, and what is in the spotlight or in the shadows helps advance the story, not just create the atmosphere. This particular tutorial was created for the Reallusion iClone software suite, but the principles and most of the resources will work with any 3D modelling and animation package you have. That includes free projects like Blender and DAZ, so don’t think you have to pay an arm and a leg to get creative and make your movie.

Something to Not Do: Movies

So far I haven’t found any sci-fi or fantasy movies this week that aren’t horror, which I suppose makes sense, Friday being Halloween and all. So this might be a good weekend to check out something you haven’t seen yet from previous weeks, or re-watch a good one. I am considering going to Guardians of the Galaxy for the 5th time, as a for instance, possibly my third time seeing it in IMAX, if it hasn’t left the IMAX theaters yet…

Something to Watch: Discs

I did not find any genre programs in movies or TV this week, but their are a few in Anime. Fairy Tail – Part 13 brings more magical chaos and collateral damage in episodes 143 through 153. Hellsing Ultimate: Set 3 has the renegade vampire taking on more of his evil counterparts across Europe during WWII. Finally One Piece: Collection 10 has episodes 230-252 for those who enjoy friendly pirates.

SCANDAL World Tour

SCANDAL are four women who can seriously rock, and they have announced there will be US dates on their upcoming world tour, Hello World. So far they only have dates and cities listed for Japan, with the tour there scheduled from January through March, to be followed by stops in Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, the UK, and the USA, not necessarily in that order. If you are wondering what they sound like, here is a taste; the first track is Shunkan Sentimental , the second is Awanaitsumorino; Genkidene (I Don’t Plan On Seeing You; Take Care), and the third is Kagen no Tsuki (The Waning Moon). Note that the third song title was the name of a Manga that was turned into a live action movie in 2004, and also the name of the opening song in 2007′s Princess Mononoke anime; this song has nothing to do with either of those things.

The Imitation Game trailer

In 1938, the Nazi’s were poised to take over the world, and one of the tools that gave them the power to attempt it was the Enigma Machine. This device let them encrypt their communications in a way impossible for anyone else of the time to break, and Europe was at risk of being lost because of it. But then a very small group of mathematicians led by the legendary genius Alan Turing became the team assembled at Bletchley Park to break the code. In the process, they re-invented the modern computer, for the first time since Babbage’s Difference Engine. This movie, The Imitation Game, is another retelling of that very exciting and important story, and this time they have Benedict Cumberbatch doing Turing, a man who had a lot in common with Sherlock Holmes, so the casting is perfect. The film is on the festival circuit at the moment, I can’t wait until it hits the theaters on November 21st!

Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser

The teaser trailer for the latest variation: Avengers: Age of Ultron. It won’t hit the big screen until May of next year, but I love that we got to catch a glimpse of it up front.

Nightwing: The Series

This is a Fan-made series about what happened when Robin left Batman and struck out on his own as the hero Nightwing. The first 4 episodes are posted online over at Ismahawk YouTube Channel, with a fresh episode each week. It is not authorized by DC or Warner, but hopefully they will let them continue to create the show.