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Site Update Report

I updated my web site tonight, and I am very happy to report it doesn’t look like I lost too much (or maybe even any) of the database of articles I have been collecting here. And I even managed to retain the basic layout, with the header at the top (silly place for it, I know), and the menu/widgets functions all running down the left side of the page. It looks like all I lost was the graphics branding (the images making up the banner, the border/trim colors, and the font choices/colors) and the widgets and content of the left menu/widgets area. I will only be putting a few of the widgets back in place, but will treat the rest of it as my opportunity to rebuild my site with an improved functionality, and maybe even a better sense of style. OK, that last may be a stretch (stop sniggering, those who know me in RL), but with any luck this site will look at least half way decent in the next few weeks! Let me know what you think as I try to pull it back together!

Something to Do: Movies

There are a couple of good options this week. I pretty much have to see Kingsman: The Golden Circle because the first one was such a hoot. And I am a big fan of the franchise, so I will probably also check out The LEGO Ninjago Movie, having laughed my way through their Batman endeavor. But there is a wonderful animation I absolutely have to mention: Loving Vincent. This may be the first animated feature film about an artist done in that artists own painting style, and it looks amazing.

Something to Watch: Discs

The best movie from the DC Cinematic Universe to date, Wonder Woman is riveting, and it looks like they filled the disc version with a TON of features. Up until this movie I have much preferred their television presentations, and we get one of them as well in the form of Arrow: The Complete Fifth Season. Less exciting is the movie The Bad Batch, but it does have some excellent actors so might be better than it appears. Then there is Starship Troopers: Traitors of Mars which was on the big screen for a single day and is machinema, a cinema presentation recorded from a game platform. Anime brings us Matoi the Sacred Slayer, about a Shrine Maiden who becomes a powerful god who can slay demons through no fault of her own. Finally we get One Piece – Collection 20, a series that has been airing forever now.


The song is If You Wanna by Tokyo Electro-Pop artists Perfume, and it crossed the million views mark in just under 10 days. This tune is addictive, and it is available at all the usual places.

Something to Do: Movies

I didn’t find any genre this week, but In Search of Fellini is pretty surreal, and almost counts as fantasy. It is ‘based on a true story’ of co-author Nancy Cartwright’s own personal journey prior to her nearly 30 year run as the voice of Bart Simpson.

In Search of Fellini Trailer from Spotted Cow Entertainment on Vimeo.

Something to Watch: Discs

This week sees the release of Orphan Black: Season Five, bringing this powerhouse series to its conclusion, at least if the run-time listed is only the episodes, and not the extras. The other live action winner this time around is the Tom Cruise remake of The Mummy, taking the story back to its original dark roots. Also leaning heavily towards the horror end of the spectrum, Dead Again in Tombstone has a cowboy return from the dead to prevent an army of the dead being raised. The Astronaut Wives Club: The Complete Series is based on the book of the same name, which was loosely based on some true events during the first Race for Space. There wasn’t any genre Anime that I could find this time around.

New SecondWall

There is a new track this week from the band SecondWall called Word, and it is every bit as good as you would expect. It looked lonely on the page by itself, so I am also reposting one of theit older songs, At the end of love, the cherry blossom dances. The band has been together since 2009 and got their major record deal in 2013, and seems to get better every year. Enjoy!

Something to Do: Movies

The movie I want to see this weekend is Hirune-hime: Shiranai watashi no monogatari, or Napping Princess for the English title (the Japanese title literally means My baby girl: My story I do not know). It is a sci-fi story about a girl who dreams the future, taking place during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Sadly, there will be very few theaters carrying it in this country; most theaters are carrying It, a decent number will have The Limehouse Golem, and a very few will have Anti Matter. But I am just not a horror fan, so if I have to drive for a while to find a theater where it is playing, so be it.

Something to Watch: Discs

This week we get Doctor Who: Series Ten, Part Two, and that seems to be it for Western genre. Score: A Film Music Documentary looks interesting if you have ever wondered about the science of enhancing the movie experience by the application of the right music during the right scenes. The Good Witch of the West looks to be the only Anime option at the moment, and since I haven’t seen it I can’t say one way or the other if it is good or not.

Frederick New Release

The Kobe band Fredrick has another opening to a popular Anime, Koi to Uso, in English: Love And Lies, a story of future Japan where the government selects your life partner with an eye to increasing the dwindling population. I haven’t seen the show yet, because I don’t have a subscription to the only streaming service I have found it on. But I do enjoy what they have done for the opening theme, Sad and Happy, the first track presented here. It was posted July 31st, and has well over 2 million views so far, and was released on their August 16th single. The other track is a live version of their song Only Wonder, recorded at Studio Coast 2017, and also part of their 2nd single. Japanese singles are a bit different than the ones in North America; this one has a total of 5 live tracks and 3 studio recordings.