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July 2017
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Split BoB

Split BoB formed up in high school in 2011, and celebrated graduation by releasing their first album, which went to number 1 on the Tower Records charts immediately. The first track here is from that album, 2012s forget-me-not, followed by I can not become a star, also from their debut. They currently have released 3 mini-albums, 3 EPs, and 4 ablbums, which you can find in all the usual places.

Inhumans trailer

Marvel’s Inhumans starts running on ABC on September 29th, but they will have a sneak peak in IMAX movie theaters on September 1st which I will have to see. In the meantime, here is their new trailer, fresh from Comic-Con.

Bright Trailer

It is Comic-Con weekend again, and the trailers are everywhere. This one is for Bright, a Netflix exclusive movie about an alternate universe LA, where humans share the world with a huge range of Magical creatures. Staring Will Smith as a cop who was not ready for what he finds himself in the middle of, I am looking forward to seeing it on December 22nd.

A Wrinkle In Time trailer

Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time will be hitting theaters on March 9th, 2018, and if this trailer is any indication it will be a fun film to check out. This epic adventure is based on Madeleine L’Engle’s classic book of the same name, running across dimensions of time and space to explore the nature of good and evil.

Something to Do: Movies

After decades of waiting, this week we finally get to see Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets on the big screen! The 5th Element was a sub-plot of this story, the Canteen scene and a lot more from the original Star Wars movie was taken from it; now we finally get to see the first main story from the original French graphic novels. Say Yes to IMAX and 3D for this one, you won’t regret it!

Something to Watch: Discs

This week we have Kong: Skull Island and Resident Evil: Vendetta as the Western options, both heavy on the adrenaline and light on the plot subtlety. I didn’t see anything for new Anime releases this time around, so it is a short list today.

My First Story Revisited

It has been a while since I last posted tunes by My First Story, but they have a new mini-album called LET IT DIE coming out. They just posted REVIVER, which is the second song from it this past Wednesday, and it has already crossed the 300,000 views mark and keeps heading up. The title track from the mini-album is the theme song for a game of the same name which is coming out for the PSP4. I also threw in last Decembers hit Last Call, from their 4th album ANTITHESE.

Something to Do: Movies

War for the Planet of the Apes continues the new series, mapping out how we got to the place Charleston Heston found himself in way back in the original film. I like this reboot-prequel series better than any of the previous iterations, and I liked all of them. It is not the only option this week though, as Disney is rolling out Jagga Jasoos, a delightful little fantasy about a teenage detective and his female associate on a mission to find his father.

Something to Watch: Discs

The Western world has Spark: A Space Tail as its offering, which does at least have an impressive line up of Voice Actors. Of course, we also have Smurfs: The Lost Village, and no, I am not handing out a link to that one. GATE: Complete Collection was my favorite Anime of 2015/2016; I am not going to tell you anything about the events of the two seasons themselves, but I am going to give you the setup/backstory that took place before the first episode started: When a Gate between universes opened up in Tokyo over half a million mounted warriors poured out, ready to conquer the world. They were humans, elves, animal people, and magicians, armed with bows, axes, swords and spells, and they killed several thousand civilians in their initial surge across the city. An Otaku officer in the Japanese Self Defense Force recognized what was going on and rallied a local military response, saving thousands in immediate danger in the process. As more forces were mobilized the attackers found themselves up against assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, tanks, grenade launchers, mortars, and shoulder-launched missiles. Only the few hundred invaders left to guard the Gate managed to get home alive, and most of them were wounded; the JSDF followed them through the gate and took over the town on the other side and the surrounding countryside for kilometers in every direction. What happened after that is the story of this series, and their universe will never be the same.

Vivid Undress

Vivid Undress is a J-Pop band who just put out their 3rd mini-album, and the first song is I’m Not Menhera from that release, posted online on June 15th. The 2nd track, Urala, was posted on March 31st, while the third is Coelacanth Dance from mid-2016. These give you a place to start, but they have many more tunes worth checking out.