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Build your own Sci-Fi: 3D Contest

It began April 14th, and runs through July 4th of this year; the Reallusion Sci-Fi Machinima Filmmaking Competition, based on the iClone Animation software package. Build your best Sci-Fi animation segment and submit it for a shot at $10,000 in prizes. And yes, the software package in question is a bit pricey to get the […]

Royal Space Force

A year before Akira made the world aware of Anime, a little known masterpiece was the first film released by Gainax: Royal Space Force: The Wings of HonnĂȘamise. I just re-watched it and was amazed all over again at just how good this movie is, and not only for its time. This is a story […]

Something to Do: Cons

This weekend is the first ever DC Comic Con in the Washington, DC, suburbs. It takes place on Sunday, May 2nd, and has some good guests lined up. This one is a small, one day event, no doubt testing the waters to see if they should expand next year.

Tampa, FL. has the Vulcan Events […]

Sci-Fi London

If you are in the UK, don’t forget that Sci-Fi London kicks off tomorrow.

SCI-FI-LONDON festival identUploaded by SFLTV. – Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

Something to Do: Movies

There is nothing really new in the theaters this week, unless you are part of Sci-Fi London, so this might be a good weekend to catch up on anything you have missed that is still in the theaters. Coming up in May there are some great films on tap, starting with the sequel Iron Man […]

Something to Watch: DVDs

Finally available this week is The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the Terry Gilliam masterpiece. If you didn’t get to see it in the theater you should watch your copy on the largest HD TV you have access to, because the visuals are truly amazing. The other must-have movie this week is Luc Besson’s Banlieue 13 […]

New Iron Man 2 Trailer

We have seen little bits and pieces of this before in other trailers, but here finally is the full Iron Man Suit in-a-briefcase sequence. There are only a few weeks left before Iron Man II hits the big screen, and I am ready! Also just released is the new trailer (the 3rd one in the […]

Star Wars Charity Car Wash

I am having a serious chuckle to myself over this one. It seems the folks at AOTS have gathered up a bunch of start wars fans and are running a charity car wash this Saturday in LA. So for $10 you can have your car washed by a hoard of Stormtroopers or a fleet of […]

Multiple Doctors, Smith and Jones are back

This has been a week for multiple Doctors. We just had the wonderful rollout of Matt Smith as The 11th Doctor on BBC America in The Eleventh Hour, and I had already commented on how BBC7 was running Tom Baker reading classic 4th Doctor stories. Starting yesterday, just before the Tom Baker reading BBC7 started […]

Somthing to Do: Cons

The best Media Con this weekend may be Sci-Fi Expo in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Richardson. Guests include Adam Baldwin, Jamie King, Mira Furlan, Richard Hatch, Bruce Boxleitner, and many more. Of course, if you are a 12 to 14 year old girl, you might prefer the Twighlight Con in Arlington, VA instead.

EerieCon […]