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Something to Do: Movies 4Jan12

Not a lot coming out this week, but there is a chance All Superheroes Must Die might hit the big screen. It was called VS in its earlier incarnation, if the trailer made you wonder. The Prototype is also a possible option this weekend, but be warned, it is the lesser of the two movies […]

Something to Watch: DVDs 1Jan13

Looper is a movie that reminded me of the better aspects of Bladerunner, and it tops this weeks list of new DVDs; if you can only add a single title to your collection this week it should be this one. Not that there are a lot of new releases at the moment, but Looper would […]

Just For Laughs: SciFi

It is time once again for everyone to put together their Best Of collections, and this one is the Best Of Just For Laughs Gags – Science Fiction video for 2012. Alan Funt would have approved of this show, I suspect.

Mass Effect Music Video

The name of the song is Warning Signs, the name of the band is The Anix, and the track is from the new Mass Effect animation Paragon Lost. Funimation is carrying the feature film, and it has just been released so you can grab a copy for the permanent collection now.


New Elemental: I’m British

I have two favorite Steampunk bands, and one of them is Professor Elemental, so I just had to share his hysterical new song, I’m British. And because I could, I then also re-posted Fighting Trousers, probably my favorite video from him. Steampunk Rap is also called Chap Hop, and these tunes should give you an […]

New Crood trailer

From the Dreamwork’s team that brought us How To Train Your Dragon, their new movie The Croods looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. It will be coming out March of next year, and this new trailer shows a bit more about the new world they get into after their cave collapses. […]

Happy Holidaze!

Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season this year, and gearing up for another exciting round for next year. I thought I would share one of my favorite Elfbot images a good friend made of me. And before you laugh, trust me when I say this is no where near as silly as the […]

Something to Do: Movies 28Dec12

Well, no actually; nothing genre comes out at all this week. So this could be an excellent time to catch up on anything still in theaters that you haven’t seen yet. Or maybe like me you might decide to see The Hobbit one more time. Whatever you decide, have a safe and sane holiday week.


Something to Watch: DVD’s 25Dec12

Frankly, I am surprised anything new is being released on Christmas day, and not surprised there are only a couple of titles, all some form of animation. Mass Effect: Paragon Lost is a Machinima coming out on the 28th, but it has been out for viewing in Video On Demand for several weeks already. I […]

New Sarah Jane Adventures

Or at least new to me; they have been running The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Glittering Storm over on BBC4 Extra this week, with Liz Sladen doing the reading. I am hoping they have a bunch more from her, so there are still more new adventures even though she is gone. If you missed any […]