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Looper is a movie that reminded me of the better aspects of Bladerunner, and it tops this weeks list of new DVDs; if you can only add a single title to your collection this week it should be this one. Not that there are a lot of new releases at the moment, but Looper would be at the top no matter when it came out; it is just that powerful and important.

In TV, Being Human: The Complete Second Season is the American version of the series, the UK version being several seasons father along. I prefer the British show, but this one is quite similar. I suspect my preference is because I saw that one first, so those are the actors who make up the show to me.

In anime, Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion is finally coming out in the US. Cyborg Rune Balot continues to try to bring her killer to justice while some of her team recovers from the attack that almost wiped them out. Finally, Penguindrum: Collection 1 is the story of Himari, who’s death is reversed by wearing the Penguin Hat. But a full resurrection will only come once she has the Penguin Drum, so the search is on to change her destiny.