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As I am sure most of the folks who visit this blog know, for the first week of every month, TOR Books makes an ebook available as a free download. It is always an excellent book by a very good author, and this time they chose the first two volumes of The Merchant Princes series, The Bloodline Feud by Charles Stross. This is a Paratime story about 3 different timelines and the families that can teleport between them, with criminal activities, social injustice, treachery, and revolution in the mix. The protagonist is smart and quick on the uptake as she literally falls into the middle of this while trying to learn a bit more about her birth mother. I couldn’t stop rooting for her through the entire series, and I really hope the author returns to that universe with more tales soon. The link at the top of the Tor page takes you to a place to buy the paperback version, so instead scroll down the page to get the link to sign up for the newsletter and claim your free ebook version.