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If you want to create your own 3D SciFi images and animations, you will need software suitable for the job, and there are some free resources to help you. DAZ Studio is one of the best, although I recommend scrolling down the page to the stable version rather than grabbing the Beta. If you are really adventurous, DAZ 3D 3.0 Beta version is now available. There are tons of free 3D models to use within that enviro online as well. Another world-class software package is Blender, which just released its new stable version yesterday; and again, lots of free models are available. Then there is POV Raytracer, like Blender a Linux freeware program that has now made its port into the Windoze and MAC environments. There are a lot of online tutorials for Point Of View you might want to check out. For building 3D landscapes to allow your animations to have a place to happen, they have released Bryce 5.5 as freeware, as well as programs like Anim8or and Dogwaffle to create animations from your source files with.