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If you are a digital artist or are just looking for some tutorials, check out Layer Paint, a new site full of resources to help out. This site really did just launch, so they are just beginning to compile their gallery and get their tutorials going. I found a free brush set there that was perfect for a project I am working on as an example, and while the brush set format is for Photoshop, all my other graphics packages like Gimp or Paint Shop Pro use them as well. This is a 2D resource site put together by the great folks at 3D Total to expand their online artistic footprint. The terms of service include an entry to prohibit the use of add blockers on their sites, but even when you give them an exception you generally only find a single ad per page down at the bottom. Since it is always for a 2D or 3D graphic software package or plugin I have been drooling over anyways, I am not offended even though my wallet is at risk. If you are into building your own images, stop by and check out this new resource from the UK.