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Hope everyone is having a great 4th, including all those folks for whom it isn’t a holiday. I spent a lot of years working for Zambelli Bros. every 4th doing fireworks displays at various places, which was very exciting. Something I never would have expected before doing the shows; even when you are lighting off the launch charges on the firing line, you can still hear it when a few thousand people all go “Ooohhh” and “Aaahhh” at the same time. In the interest of retaining what little hearing I have left I no longer do fireworks from ground zero, but enjoy watching the results of other peoples pyrotechnic expertise. I also like virtual fireworks, and thought I would share a nice one I picked up from the Free Flash Animations web site. If you are interested in creating your own, watch the Flash fireworks tutorial, one of a huge collection of animation, coding, and scripting tutorials put together by Adam Khoury. He covers HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Flash, PHP, and a lot of other really useful languages and server environments.