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I love hitting Cons (Science Fiction Conventions) for a lot of reasons; I will list a few of them here, and look forward to hearing from you about your reasons you either love or hate them. But since I live on the East Coast, the next Con I will be going to is the Galaxy Con II. Good guests, both actors and authors; the pricing on this one looks like a typical Corp buying into the Con moneywagon, unfortunately. With luck, the folks who actually attend will be real people!

Oh, yeah, the reasons I love going to Cons. Here are a few of them; what are yours?

1) Meeting lots of folks with similar interests (SciFi)
2) Catching up with friends I got to know online for the first time in real life
3) Getting to hear the Actors who played the parts tell their experiences
4) Chatting with the Authors about their ideas and stories
5) Checking out the Booths, to add a few jems to my collection (Books, Art, Video, Fill-In-The-Blank)
6) Networking about all of the above with the people I meet there

If you are beginning to see a pattern here, you have probably hit the nail on the head. I go for the people (Authors, Artists, Actors, and that’s only the “A” words!), not the corporate beancounters. If I spend the whole weekend, and only meet one “Real Person” at the event, I still come out ahead, in my book! LOL…