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Happy Halloween, everyone, or Blessed All Saint’s Eve, as you prefer. There is nothing more enjoyable than putting on a costume that let’s you transform yourself, if only for that one night. Along with that comes the right to be scared for the fun of it without getting grief from your friends and coworkers. And what better to be scared by, than a good invasion of the earth story? One of the best is being remade, H.G.Wells classic, War of the Worlds and is even getting it’s own exhibit in the Science Fiction Museum, as told in this story from CreativeMac.
BTW, the above WOTWorlds link will let you read Wells’s original 1898 book online. If you would rather listen to Orson Wells’s 1938 Radio Broadcast version, go to WOW. If you want to learn the details of how and why this caused the panic it did, be sure to read the Museum of Hoax’s story on the subject. For a well written amature version, check out Jeff’s Interpretation. If you want to play many of the WOTW Games available, visit Drake’s Games.