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SciFi Cool has posted the first trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassu, along with a brief synopsis of the story. This is the first new film in a while from Terry Gillium, and it looks really good. There is also an international trailer available, which looks fairly similar. In Worldcon-related news, Suvudu has posted that George R. R. Martin was interviewed and the results podcast. If you missed last weeks Eisner Awards Winners, you will find the list at that link. Tomorrow are the Hugo Awards at Worldcon, which will (technology willing) be covered Live by Cheryl Morgan, in conjunction with SF Awards Watch and the folks that seem to have the best Con coverage I have found so far, Con Reporter. They also are running a Live Celebrity Tweets compilation continuously, with input from people like Lou Anders, Cory Doctorow, Neil Gaimon, John Scalzi, and many others (yes, that was in alphabetical order; good of you to notice).