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The MidsouthCon takes place Friday through Sunday just outside of Memphis, TN. This is a non-profit fan run readercon with Writer GoH’s Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta, and many more guests in many other categories. All-Con in Dallas is, as the name implies, a little bit of everything from Anime to Zombies, and again it’s all about the fans. To see a full list of events on one page, check this. MegaCon in Orlando, FL, is another monster event covering multiple aspects of fandom, although their focus is Comic Books and Media Guests.

On the Anime con front there is KawaKon in St. Louis, Animation and Gaming Ohio in Cincinnati, and Anime Milwaukee in WI. These three all look interesting.

I know I have missed some, but I am still kind of shaken up over having my brand new computer try to burst into flame while I was setting it up. I suspect they missed a few details when they refurbed it, and I will be returning it in the morning. Until I figure out the way I want to proceed to get a modern computer, I will continue to do my blog entries on this antique.