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I am sure I will have to add to this when later today actually happens, but I had to mention this now. The wack jobs from the Westboro Baptist Church (the idiots who protest at the funerals of America’s fallen war heroes if they think they might be anything other than hetero) decided to protest at Comic-Con this week, since everyone attending was obviously strange in some fashion (and proud of it!). This definitely tops my What Were They Thinking? list for this month, and possibly this year. I am betting they were not ready for the spontaneous counter protest that immediately broke out, with signs that included All Glory to the Hypno-Toad (and another Futurama reference with a cosplay Bender holding a sign saying Kill All Humans), the Marvelite Odin is God, and the classic When I ride through the Valley of Death I Will Fear No Evil, for the Dark Knight is by my side. The folks at Comics Alliance posted a great photo spread, and many thanks to Space Gypsies for the heads up on this one.

Word is out that Flash Forward might be picked up by Starz, and the series continued! Keeping my fingers crossed. If true, that makes two rescued properties on the Starz network, since they signed a contract with the BBC to do season 6 of Torchwood; glad that network is on my channel lineup.

Meanwhile, the best interview I have yet seen about this event comes from Geek Girls Network, where they talk with a major player who attended almost 20 years ago, and shared some critical perspective. And because I liked that one, I had to go for the Comic Con Gurls, seen below.

And just because I couldn’t resist, the True Blood season 3 trailer…