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The Media Con this weekend is Twilight Con in Seattle, WA, from the 15th to the 17th.

Reader Cons include DeConPression in Columbus, OH; billed as a Relax-con, with Amelia Mary Earhart as the Ghost of Honor. Also this weekend, Arisia 2010 takes place in Cambridge, MA. While primarily a ReaderCon with GoH Gardner Dozois, there will be a bit of everything going on there. Both of these events are fan run.

On the Anime Con front, Pokettokon takes place at the Illinois Central College (in the Technology Center), again a fan-run event.

Otronicon in Orlando, FL, is something a bit different. It calls itself Orlando’s biggest interactive technology expo, and is more of a commercial trade expo rather than a Con. But it has Gaming (up to and including Halo on an 8 story screen), Cosplay, and Robots to name but a few, so I had to include it here.