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This weekend has Con-G, an Anime con in Guelph, ON, Canada (and personally I love the pun in their name). The events at this one lean heavily to Cosplay and music, and it looks like a lot of fun. At the west end of the Great White North Tsukino-Con will be happening in Victoria, British Columbia. Being on the tip of Vancouver Island, Canada, they may just pull in a few folks who were in the neighborhood to do something Olympic.

Anime also lives in Kansas City, MO, at Naka-Kon, where they have some amazing guests and events lined up, including Peelander-Z. Saturday brings on Chibi Chibi Con 10 in Olympia, WA, as well.

In the general Fan category we have ConNooga, at the historical Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel and Convention Center in TN. They are covering all aspects of the genre, but it looks like their strength lies in their Artists Guests

For the gamers, Total Con-fusion claims the title of New England’s largest gaming event, and Owl Con covers the game gamut in Houston. The Bash Con gaming fest is in Toledo, Ohio, and like OwlCon takes place on a collage/university campus.

Finally, Furry Fiesta in Dallas is for those who wear the fur.