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A Fan-run con in Bloomington, MN is MarsCon; they have a goodly collection of guests and some interesting events, including Steampunk Bullwhip displays and Dragon Making by Committee.

CoastCon 33 in Biloxi, MS, is another Fan run con, this time with David Drake for the writer GoH and Nicky Clyne as the media GoH (the full guestlist is here).

StellarCon in High Point, NC is a general SciFi con. What I find interesting is it claims to be a smaller event, generally pulling around 500 attendees, and yet the guest list is large and includes some excellent authors.

Pikeville, AL will be hosting a Horror, Paranormal, and Cult film fest/con event called the Dark Woods Con. And RagnaroKon 10 is a Gamer con in Columbia MO.

One of the MediaCons this weekend is Creation Entertainment’s Twilight Con GA in Atlanta. The other media event is a Back to the Future reunion in Florance, AL