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It occurs to me that every week I hit Friday and then look around to see what there is to do that weekend, and often I miss the chance (event tickets sold out, too late for airplane or hotel bookings, etc). So I thought that if I checked it out on Wednesdays instead, that additional 48 hours might increase the number of things I actually managed to get to. Since I already know I have issues with scheduling time for new tasks (I don’t really have any problems with scheduling new tasks; just with following through on the tasks once they are scheduled), it would be useful if I re-purposed a task I am already in the habit of completing on that day. So my Wednesday blog entry now becomes my Events/Things To Do task for each week. I’ll figure out the format, included events, structure, and organization as I go along. For this first one, I’m just going to throw events into the entry will-he, nil-he and observe the results with an eye to improvement.

In a few weeks the Sci-Fi London Oktoberfest film festival will be happening! This one is world-class, and all about Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Anime/Horror. Most film festivals have some SF/F/Anime/Horror films involved, so it’s worth noting that this weekend is the start of the Pusan International Film Festival (it runs for a week), and yes, there is a choice of English on the site, for those who can’t read Korean. A few of the more interesting movies are Running On Karma, Tokyo Taxi and 15 Malaysia.

There are also some conventions worth mentioning. In Huntington, WV, Tsubasacon runs from the 9th to the 11th, an Anime Con. Just to the east is the Baltimore Comic Con, a comic and sci-fi event. In Philadelphia, also from the 9th to the 11th is VGXpo, a video gaming convention. Orlando, Florida has the Spooky Empire Ultimate Horror Weekend, while St. Augustine, FL, has EXPCon, a combination Gaming/Anime convention. In the southwest, a gaming convention called RinCon happens in Tucson. In Romulus, Michigan, which is really the Detroit airport hotel center, ConClave 34 takes place, a Sci-Fi Con also celebrating the International Year of Astronomy.

I don’t see much interesting opening in movie theaters this weekend, except perhaps that Zombieland will expand to more screens in more towns. Going to think about this bit; a movie is definitely something you go to, but do VOD and DVD releases new that week count? They are Things To Do, but not events you have to go somewhere to join in on. And where do new TV/Radio programs fall into the grid, be they broadcast, cable, or online? I have a week to figure it out before I try to do this again; any recommendations anyone feels like passing my way would be appreciated.