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The life size Gundam Mecha returned to its home in Odaiba recently, and the folks at Darwin Fish 105 did their usual incredible job of filming the event. This time around, the footage was taken at night, with a very nice overlay (if something in the background can be considered an overlay, since it is really in the masked screen areas under the primary video) of wide aperture star fields doing extended time exposures and then compiled into an animated setting. The next video is called Tokyo Heartbeat, and shows some world class utilization of the classic time lapsed photography process. If you ever wondered if a city was alive, wonder no longer; you can see its pulse throbbing in this one. Finally, Ginza At Night completes the triptych, this time using high speed film (or the digital equivalent) along with wide aperture light gathering settings on the camera to render a movie that could never have been created in daylight. I am quite impressed with the Darwin Fish processes and results; great job, gang!

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