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If you were there, you know there is no way to make anyone who wasn’t understand the experience. This is the set that closed the show, on Monday morning, August 18th, at 8AM. Of course, it was supposed to happen on Sunday night, but the entire event was running on hippy time, and by the time it became Hendrix’s turn, that rather elastic time frame had stretched more than a bit. The video quality is poor, and the portable audio recording technology of the time was never more than half as good as hearing a live song recorded in a studio, either of which couldn’t hold a candle to what you actually heard in person. But I just find it amazing that I can actually hear this again, let alone see it, and had to share it. The first choice is audio, thanks to Archive.Org, the second video from Vimeo, and the credit for the heads up goes to Open Culture.

They took the video down that I had embedded here, so removed the embed command string. I am guessing they only had it posted through the anniversary of the actual event.