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A few more pictures from my trip to the UK the other month. These particular images are from (surprise!) the Doctor Who Experience, which will be moving from London to Cardiff this winter, to reopen in the spring. The London run will continue through February 22nd. The first image is the Tardis above the doorway at which you enter the exhibit, which tells you that you have correctly figured out the tube system upon arrival. The next is one of a large number of character mockups they have, in this case Davros. And finally, everybody’s favorite robot dog, K9. Yes, this really was the primary reason I made the journey over the water (OK, I admit, I never would have done it if a friend hadn’t been looking for a likely accomplice). Although I made sure to hit lots of other fun tourist spots, like Forbidden Planet and the Namco Funscape. I think there were some buildings and churches and castles and clock towers around, as well. I’ll have to check the photos and see.

Tardis above the door


K9 Robot Dog