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My car got buried under the 19 inches of snow that fell last night and today, and then it changed to rain which made me hope it would wash it all away so I wouldn’t have to shovel. 30 minutes later it changed back to snow, laying just enough liquid water down to put a layer of ice over everything when the temperature dropped again. The folks on TV say we can expect another 4 to 6 inches of snow before it ends tonight. This year has kind of made me wish I owned a sled or a pair of skies, so I could get some entertainment out of the unusual weather. At the point I took this picture we were at about the 12 inches mark.

Snow Day
Snow Day

3 Replies to “Snow Day Feb 2014”

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    Welcome to my warm days this winter. Still unsure which is worse that or subzeros.

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    I remember those lumps. I swore after Snowmageddon & Snopacalypse never again! Happy to be in the deep south not hip deep in snow!

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    WOW Uncle Jer. This is crazy. We would love a little of this to play- a little.