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For all those Neko moments, this is the unbeatable apparel accessory; brainwave powered cat ears by NeuroWear. The first video is their commercial, the second is various people at a Con trying them out and getting them to react. Two details immediately spring to mind while watching these, the first being that in the tryouts, everyone has a sensor smack in the middle of their foreheads while in the commercial it is in the models hair and a lot less obvious. I have to wonder whether that is a design improvement they have made or just another case of inflated advertising promises. The other interesting detail is that some wearers in the tryouts were able to simply control them on their own, while others needed artificial stimulation to generate a specific reaction in the form of an aromatic in a small blue jar. This would lead one to believe that the different ear action patterns are caused by calling up specific types of brain activity, which should give method actors instant mastery. I expect we will be seeing a lot of these among the Cosplay addicted over the next year, and I am sure the Furry’s will be adapting them for many other species. New toys!