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You could never tell it from visiting this site (Media files like Movies, TV, and Radio making for so much better sound bytes and out-takes), but I read a lot. And I just read a quote that I agree with on both a real-world, professional level as well as a SciFi Fan level. The quote was given by a Tech in response to a situation he could not believe, because not even a Bean-Counter could possibly be that stupid. To whit:

Didn’t they know that the only Unhackable Computer was is one that’s running a secure Operating System, welded inside a steel safe, buried under a ton of concrete at the bottom of a coal mine guarded by the SAS and a couple of armored divisions, and SWITCHED OFF????

Thanks to Charles Stross for that quote, from his story The Concrete Jungle, pub in 2004 in the book the Atrocity Archives.