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Once more, the team from the Annals of Improbable Research have handed out another year’s Ig Nobel Prizes. From the Gas Mask Bra to Tequila Diamonds, this years winners share a trait in common with each other and all previous winners. First they make you laugh… and then they make you think (mostly about how gullible some grant organizations may be, but every so often about the real-world problem that inspired the research in the first place). Some of the winners are just plain silly, and some, like the financial and mathematical winners, are very scary, but the fact that real scientists do this kind of thing gives me hope for the world. And then there is why people explore other worlds… one of my favorite SG1 moments starring Adam Baldwin, this video embed was inspired by SciFi Fangirl’s posting last night.

2 Replies to “2009 Ig Nobel Prizes, favorite SG moment”

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    Ack, Adam Baldwin’s bit totally slipped my mind while I was writing my entry! That is why I usually try to avoid writing “top # moments” type blogs, I always end up kicking myself for forgetting something.
    But I agree, I loved Adam Baldwin in this episode. 🙂

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    Everybody forgets some classic choices when they post a best of list; that’s why the comments are always fun to read and respond to. My own opinion, if they would have done an SG14 (or whatever number) spin-off staring Baldwin’s team, I would have been there for it.