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Planning on taking a trip this year? I have to recommend the Epic Fu episode Best Travel Apps, as seen below. Zadi puts together some of the best compilations of useful information online about using the online environment, and she has done it again with this one. If you are planning to travel any time in the next year or so, watch this video and start collecting the Apps that will help your journey the most.

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    One that I think is a fantastic idea is the “Help Call” app, particularly if you’re travelling alone. Basically, what it does is to bring together the numbers of the emergency services for the country you’re in, plus the number of a pre-selected friend and lets you make a quick call to whichever one you need. It’s one of those apps that you hope you’re never going to need but it’s best not to be caught without it. I don’t know about anyone else but familiarising myself with emergency service numbers tends to get pushed to the bottom of the pile when I’m travelling. It shouldn’t but it does.

    But the apps I use most regularly are the TripAdvisor one and this one from SilverDoor. They specialise in serviced apartments London but they also managed to find me somewhere quiet to sulk and curse my own stupidity after I got stranded because of the BA strikes. (I’d gone and checked out of my hotel and made my merry way to the airport, without checking on the status of my flight. Needless to say, it was cancelled.)