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Season 2 of Dollhouse rolled out this past Friday on Fox, and they also moved Smallville on the CW to Friday. It’s a good thing the Friday episodes of Eureka on Syfy have ended their season, because starting next week Stargate Universe enters the lists of end-of-the-week SciFi. The week after that Sanctuary season 2 also kicks off, again both on Friday night. CBS has moved both The Ghost Whisperer and Medium to Friday nights (more fantasy than SciFi, but still genre), and just to be different ABC is running repeat episodes of Flash Forward and The Forgotten on Friday nights as well. VOD (Video on Demand) and iTunes may carry a few of them, and a few may be watchable from their network web sites, but the Tivo, the Freevo (Linux boot-from-cd DVR) and the cable DVRs are going to be busy this fall on Friday nights.