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Haruhi Suzumiya has had an assortment of Manga and two seasons of Anime created for and about her, and now she finally has her own Apps. They are simple Apps that allow you some dialog access, a clock, and an alarm function, at least as far as I can tell. While I currently have a small Nihongo (Japanese) vocabulary, I haven’t learned how to read Kanji yet, so I may be missing some functions because I can’t read the instructions. At the moment Haruhi’s AniPoke is free, and until the end of August Mikuru’s AniPoke and Nagato’s AniPoke will each run at $0.99. Once we hit September the other two go back up to their normal $3.99 each. I could not find any difference between the paid and free variations, beyond who the character you were poking was (and no, this series isn’t ANYTHING like Pokeman; shame on you for not knowing that!). The alarm function gives you the voice of the character telling you to pay attention, over and over; it doesn’t stop until you tell it to. Thanks to the folks at Crunchyroll for the heads up on this one.