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They are up to chapter 10 in the podcast reading of book one in the Edgar Rice Burroughs series John Carter of Mars, titled A Princess of Mars. If you don’t already know the story line, this will get you up to speed in time for the movie release.

This is the unedited reading of the original text, which was a bit sexist and racist, so hearing some of it jumps between being embarrassing and being painful. Burroughs managed to create several of the most amazing adventure series of all time even so. While Tarzan of the Apes may be his best known work, and a contemporary of Sherlock Holmes, a number of his other stories changed Sci-Fi forever. First and foremost of that group was John Carter of Mars, about to become a major motion picture.

And then there is a video you might enjoy, called GUMMS, built by an independent film producer named Anton Bogaty. Some choices you just have to go for!